QUT Library Quick Find - Finding a textbook - transcript

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[Caption] QUT Library Quick Find - Finding a textbook.

Finding a textbook.

To find a textbook enter the author and the book title into the search box.

If your book does not appear in the top results you can limit to "Books".

Where there are many editions, you can change "Sort by" to bring the most current copy to the top of your results. The editions and publishing year are displayed under the title and authors.

Basic location information is also displayed in this window but to get the full picture, click on the book to open the full record.

All details on the availability of the book are listed.

If you wish to place a Hold on the book, open the "Get it" tab, and select 'Place a hold'.

The loan period of the book is displayed.

You are allowed up to 5 renewals of an item. The renewal will automatically happen at the end of your loan.

You can email the link to the book by clicking on the email icon.

To save the book to your Favourites, click on the "My Favourites" icon.

Go to My Favourites and add a label to your textbook so you can identify the book.

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