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[Caption] QUT Library - Welcome to the Kelvin Grove Virtual Tour

Casey is standing outside the entrance to the KG library. Sarah walks up to her from the entrance.

[Sarah] Hi Casey. Welcome to QUT Library.

[Casey] Hi Sarah, thank you for giving me a tour.

[Sarah] My pleasure, come on in, let me show you around.

[Casey] Great.

[Sarah] Before we go in the doors, just look over here, 'cause that's where you return your library materials when you've finished with them.

[Casey] Great. Thanks.

[Sarah] Come on in.

Casey and Sarah walk into the library, level 2.

[Casey] Alright, so what time does the library open?

[Sarah] We are open Monday to Thursday 7am to 10pm, and on Friday we close at 9pm. On Saturday and Sunday we're open 9am to 5pm. But check the library website, because sometimes - out of semester - we change our hours, and also during public holidays and things like that.

[Casey] OK, sure. So, how many books can I borrow at a time?

[Sarah] Casey, you can take out as many as you can borrow, because we have unlimited borrowing for the majority of resources across each of the libraries. But don't forget we have lots of online resources too. In fact, we have more ebooks than we have print books at QUT Library.

[Casey] Really?

[Sarah] It's incredible, isn't it?

[Casey] So, who can I speak to if I need help borrowing an ebook?

[Sarah] If you have any questions, and you're on campus, come and see us on the helpdesk (Sarah points to helpdesk area). We answer print queries, IT, and any library queries as well, in that area.

[Casey] Excellent. So what kind of spaces can the students use?

[Sarah] Come with me and let me show you a little round level 2.

Casey and Sarah move to seating area.

[Sarah] So over here you going to find areas for individual and group study. We've got tables and chairs and PCs here, but listen - check out our amazing new comfy couches, aren't they wonderful? And, we also have a training room here, so if we're not teaching in here feel free to go in and use that space as well, just jump on the PC.

[Casey] Great.

[Sarah] But, this is just one little area of the library, if you come with me, let me show you more spaces where you can study - individually or groupwork.

[Casey] Great.

Casey and Sarah move up the stairs, but stop half way.

[Sarah] As we go up the stairs though, have a look at the ceiling, you'll see this amazing collection of print journals. In fact, we commissioned an artist to create this ceiling for us, and they're all recycled print journals. And this information is now available online, so you can access it through the library website. But, to reuse them, we popped them on the ceiling.

[Casey] It's beautiful.

Casey and Sarah move to Level 3.

[Sarah] Come on up. So this next level, level 3 is where you can find resources, but again, more study areas - individual and for group work. In fact, you can book those rooms over there through the library website.

[Casey] Great.

[Sarah] We also have another training room, go in there, again - if it's not being used - you're really welcome to use all this space.

[Casey] Great.

Casey and Sarah move around Level 3 following the top of the staircase, we see a big sign for STIMulate.

[Casey] Ah, STIMulate, I've heard about it - what is that?

[Sarah] It's fantastic, it's a service we offer students - if they need any help with IT, science and maths.

[Casey] Right, great - what else can be found here at the library?

Casey and Sarah move back to the top of the stairs.

[Sarah] Well, we have six levels here at Kelvin Grove, you can see it's quite busy here sometimes, so it's good to explore those levels. So you'll find services and resources on each of them. Level 4, for example, has an amazing Games Lab and also a Curriculum Collection, but you'll find photocopiers and printers on each of the levels.

[Casey] That's great.

[Sarah] Casey, just to let you know, to remind you, this is one of four libraries at QUT. At Gardens Point we have two - there's also a Law Library there. And the Kelvin Grove campus is here, but over at Caboolture we have another library. So if you have time go and explore those, and also our online library, through the Library website.

[Casey] Excellent, thank you so much for the tour, I feel so much more confident using the Library now.

[Sarah] You're very welcome, it's lovely to meet you. I can't wait to see you round here at Kelvin Grove, and if you have any questions - please ask for help anytime.

[Casey] Thank you, I will. Bye!

[Sarah] See you later!

[Credits] Library tour guide - Sarah Howard

[Credits] Student - Casey Chamberlain

[Credits] Extras - Jaqueline Quinn, Peter Sondergeld, Ellen Thompson, Cameron Rutter, Maureen O'Grady, Gillian Harrison, Kate Harbison, Tia Calio, Kira Harris, Jacob Prior, Samantha Montgomery, Nikky Hourigan, Megan Brodribb, George Meiser, Richard Hearman, Gabriel Dubler, Scott Raylor, Andrew Thomson

[Caption] QUT Library

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