A 360 Tour of QUT Library at Gardens Point - transcript

This is a transcript of the video A 360 Tour of QUT Library at Gardens Point.


[Voiceover] This video has been filmed using 360 technology. And we encourage you to look around the spaces as your watch it so that you can familiarise yourself with the Gardens Point Library. We hope you enjoy this 360 immersive experience.

Scene 1. Outside Library

[Sarah] Welcome to QUT Library and HiQ on the Gardens Point campus. Hi Katherine, thanks so much for coming today; and Hi Moira, how are you?

[Caption] - Sarah, Librarian.

[Katherine] Hi, thanks.

[Caption] - Katherine, Student.

[Moira] Good thank you.

[Caption] - Moira, Student.

[Sarah] Great. Let me introduce you to a special robot called Hermione. Hi Hermione, how are you? Great to see you.

[Hermione] I am great thanks Sarah. Thank you so much for inviting me today.

[Caption] - Hermione, QUT Robot.

[Sarah] Not a problem at all. Before we go in, let me point out that we have amazing digital screens to check out that give you information like opening hours and things like that.

[Katherine] What time does the library open?

[Sarah] Great question, Katherine. During semester, Monday to Friday we are open 7am to 10pm; on Saturday and Sunday we are open from 9am to 5pm, but check our website before you come in, in case there are any changes. Let's go in and get started.

Scene 2. HiQ Area - Ground Floor

[Voiceover] First we'll visit the HiQ area on the ground floor.

[The rest of the video is seen from Hermione the QUT Robot's point of view.]

[Sarah] Have a look over here. We have our amazing digital screens with information that you will find very useful.

[Hermione] So cool.

[Sarah] You can also interact with these digital screens and I'm going to introduce you to one of our amazing Peer Concierges, Flo. Hi Flo.

[Flo] Hi.

[Sarah] Flo, can you show us how to use the digital screens and interact with them?

[Caption] - Florisa, Peer Concierge.

[Flo] Yeah, sure. Whenever a student comes into HiQ, we can bring stuff up on the screen to show them.

[Sarah] And you are just using your iPad. Wow!

[Flo] Yes. I can also use my hands to scroll and move the screens around.

[Sarah] That is incredible. So you can come into this building and use the digital screens yourselves and interact with them but you can also speak to someone like Flo, Peer Concierges, and they will show you how to use the screens as well. Thank you so much.

[Flo] No worries.

[Sarah] Let's keep going and I am going to show you the other areas around HiQ. As we go have a look around, because we have computers for you to use, we have seating for you to come and sit and relax before a lecture or to hang out with your friends.

[Hermione] Nice

[Moira] So what actually is HiQ?

[Sarah] Very good question, Moira. Hi Caitlyn.

[Caitlyn] Hi Sarah

[Caption] - Caitlyn, HiQ Adviser.

[Sarah] I am going to let Caitlyn answer this question. Caitlyn is one of our amazing HiQ Advisers. Caitlyn, what is HiQ?

[Caitlyn] HiQ is service platform where you can come to get general enquiry assistance, as well as IT, Library and Student Admin support, and where needed a Tier 3 specialist referral.

[Sarah] Great! And it doesn't matter if you're not on campus?

[Caitlyn] It doesn't matter at all, you can still get assistance.

[Sarah] Fantastic. All that information can be found on the QUT website.

[Caitlyn] That's correct.

[Sarah] Thanks Caitlyn, we are going to keep going with our tour.

[Caitlyn] Enjoy the tour, welcome.

Scene 3. Lobby Area - Ground Floor

[Voiceover] Let's explore the rest of the library.

[Sarah] There are seven levels in this building, so to access the other levels you can take the stairs…

[Hermione] Bit tricky for me.

[Sarah] …but you can also take the lifts as well.

[Hermione] Now we are talking.

[Sarah] On this level as well you can also buy yourself a drink but also go out these doors use these doors and access our other library, because there are two libraries on this campus. The other library is the Law Library.

[Caption] Visit the QUT Library website for the Law Library opening hours.

[Hermione] Sarah can we show them more of this library please?

[Sarah] Yes, let me take you upstairs now and show you the other levels.

Scene 4. Study Areas - Level 4

[Voiceover] Let's visit the study areas on the 4th floor.

[Sarah] Now we are on Level 4. So let me take you around this level because there are some exciting stuff to check out. Including this room over here. This is where we hold books that you can pick up for holds or course reserve. So if there are any items that you have placed on hold, come to Level 4, come into this room and you can check it out yourself. But the course reserve items - our short-term loans - so you may need them for some subjects to come in here for those highly used textbooks. Round the corner we have lots of different spaces that you can book online for particular days and times that you need and meet your friends for assessment or for any other activities that you want to do.

[Caption] Book study rooms through the QUT website.

Let's keep walking because I want to show you all other areas that you can utilise on this level. Including spaces just to sit down and relax, but also to meet friends and also for assessment. We've got group areas with group tables. We have individual study carrels, so you might just want to come in here to do work by yourself. The library do offer training sessions and we use this room over here [training room 401], but when we are not using it feel free to come in anytime and use the computers.

[Hermione] Katherine has a question.

[Sarah] Katherine?

[Katherine] I noticed that there is a printer over there.

[Sarah] Yes, well spotted. There is a printer on this level, photocopiers, and computers; and on all of the other levels too. Moira?

[Hermione] Moira too.

[Moira] But where are all of the books?

[Sarah] Great question. Let's go upstairs and I'm going to show to show you where the books are.

Scene 5. General Collection. 5th Floor

[Voiceover] The books start on the 5th floor.

[Sarah] Here on level 5 is where the collection starts. Over to the side you will see our print books, so you can come up here and explore those. Always keep in mind that there are lots of online and electronic ebooks as well. Go to the library website to explore those items.

[Caption] Contact HiQ for assistance locating resources.

Remember this is level 5 and there are other levels. Level 6 is where the collection continues. Have a look around because we have some great study areas as well as those ones we saw on Level 4, you'll see group areas, and we also have these amazing pods that you can book online. As well as this library, keep in mind that we have three libraries at QUT. We have a library here on campus as I mentioned - the Law Library - but we've also got the Kelvin Grove campus library too.

[Moira] I am usually on Kelvin Grove, so that is really good it know.

[Sarah] Fantastic, Moira.

[Katherine] Thanks for the tour, Sarah. This has been really great.

[Sarah] Thank you , Katherine. Thanks Moira, and thanks Hermione. It was great showing you around. Remember, if you have any questions - just ask!


[Credits] Library Tour Team - Sarah Howard, Hermione the robot, Moira Quinn, Katherine Lee.

[Hermione] That's me!

[Credits] HiQ Team - Florisa Apan, Catlyn Hadfield.

[Hermione] Go gals!

[Credits] Special Thanks - Adam Jacobsen; Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, SEF, QUT; eMedia production Support, LETS, TILS, QUT.

[Hermione] I'd be nothing without you, Adam.

[Credits] Special Thanks - Kim Lewin, Jacque Quinn and the Library Team; Natalie Ryan, Debby Redshaw, and the HiQ Team.

[Hermione] What a team!

[Credits] Extras - Michael Hawks, Megan Brodribb, Ellen Thompson, Maureen O'Grady.

[Hermione] These are the real stars.

[Credits] Extras - Brendan Sinnamon, Jacque Quinn, Sheetal Thevar, Sandra Fry.

[Hermione] These guys too!

[Hermione] See you at the library soon.

[Caption] QUT, A University for the real world. CRICOS No. 00213J

[End of video]