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[Caption] A typical database record

An example database record from the database Academic Search Elite.

[Sample database record shown] Shown in this order: Adolescent gambling: temperament, sense of coherence and exposure to advertising. Authors: Gavriel Fried, Belle; Teichman, Meir; Rahav, Giora. Source: Addiction Research & Theory; Oct2010, Vol. 18 Issue 5, p586-598, 13p, 4 Charts

Bibliographic details, which are needed when referencing, are listed first.

  • Article title - "Adolescent gambling: temperament, sense of coherence and exposure to advertising."
  • Authors - "Gavriel Fried, B., Teichman, M., & Rahav, G."
  • Year - "2010"
  • Journal title - "Addiction Research & Theory"
  • Volume and Issue - "18(5)"
  • And page numbers - "586-598"

Other parts of the record describe what the article is about. This will help you decide whether the article is relevant or not.

  • Subject terms - these are applied by database staff
  • Author keywords - these are submitted by the author
  • Abstract - this is the authors summary of the article

Some details in the record may help you establish the authority of the source:

  • Author affiliations
  • Publisher

Most articles have a DOI, a unique identification number. If available, this is also needed when referencing.

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