Writing and referencing

Find information on how to structure and write your assignments.

Starting assignments

It can be overwhelming trying to work out where to begin an assessment task. Use our handy tips and resources on how to start your assignment.

Writing structure

Knowing how to write well is a key skill at university. Some assignments require very specific formats and styles. Use our resources on writing structures to understand how to produce different writing styles and assessment types.

Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading your writing is an essential part of the drafting process. Our resources on grammar, punctuation and academic language can help improve your assignments.

Citing and referencing

When writing assignments you must acknowledge quotations, information and ideas taken from other authors by citing and referencing.

Academic honesty

Use our guides and resources to ensure you know how to act with academic honesty. It requires that you carefully and consistently acknowledge the contributions of others to your own work.