Researching and reading

If you're suffering from 'information overload', the library offers workshops and tours on study and research skills.

Workshops and tours

The university learning environment can be very different to other learning environments you have experienced. There is a vast quantity of material and activities to go through during class as well as readings and tasks to complete outside of lectures and tutorials. To keep on top of your work, manage your readings and complete assignments in a timely manner, consider the following tips and techniques for your study.

Finding information

Want to know the best way to research? Get the most out of using the internet and the library's search catalogue to find information for your assignments and general study.

Managing readings

You don't need to read every word on a page to understand a text. Get insight into how to manage the quantity of reading required for your subjects, study and assignment research under managing readings.

Note taking

Keeping clear and easy to review notes will help you to efficiently review study material for assignment writing and exam preparation. Read through our suggestions for the best way to take notes and manage information.