Linking guide

Use this guide to create stable authenticated links to the Library's online resources. If instructions for linking to a resource are not here, please contact the Library for assistance.


Most of the Library's online resources authenticate via the OpenAthens Redirector. Note that the Redirector is not compatible with the Other Library databases listed below, but the OpenAthens link generator works with the majority of ebooks, articles journals and streaming videos the Library subscribes to.

OpenAthens link generator

DOI linking

Create authenticated links to library resources using a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

DOI link generator

Other Library databases

  • ClickView:
    • Select the Share tab and use the Link or Embed code option.
    • Note that users must be directed to sign in with their QUT email address.
    • Alternatively videos may be embedded into Canvas.
  • Digital Theatre+ link generator
  • EBSCOhost:
    • Select the permalink icon and copy the link that appears.
    • It should contain &authtype=sso&custid=qut
    • Example:
  • Factiva link generator
  • Gale:
    • Click the Get Link option in the banner, SELECT and then copy the link that appears.
    • It should contain u=qut.
    • Example:
  • Gartner link generator
  • HSTalks linking and embedding
  • Lexis Advance Research:
    • Select the Actions - Link to this page option next to the Document name and copy the link that appears.
    • It should end with &federationidp=G23WQD35444
    • Example:
  • LinkedIn Learning: See instructions at DW: LinkedIn Learning videos
  • O'Reilly for Higher Education link generator
  • Ovid:
    • Click the Share or Email Jumpstart option and then copy the link that appears.
    • Example:
  • ProQuest:
    • Ensure ?accountid=13380 is appended to the ProQuest link.
    • Example:
  • Techstreet link generator
  • Westlaw link generator

Library Search

Library Search