The new Quick Find changes

What happened to the publication date filters?

Unfortunately there are now fewer options to limit by publication date. The quick links to the following publication date filters are no longer available:

  • Last 12 months
  • Last 3 years, and
  • Last 5 years

To limit search results by publication date you will now need to manually enter the publication years (in the left side menu).

We acknowledge these were very popular and will be missed, but unfortunately this feature is not yet possible in the new search.

The filters don't stick!

In the previous version of Quick Find when you selected a filter from the left side menu (e.g. articles, peer-reviewed, available online) and then entered new search terms, the selected filters would remain in place (i.e. "stick"). In the new Quick Find search, if you apply a filter and then enter more search terms, the filter disappears.

To prevent this from occurring you need to "lock" the filter after it is selected - do this by hovering your mouse over the filter and click on the lock icon that appears.

Check out using filters in Quick Find for more information.

I can't filter by Study Area anymore

The Limit by Study Area is not available in the new Quick Find. Instead there is a new Limit by keyword filter.

Unfortunately this option is not always going to be as useful as the previous Limit by study area option, however using the Limit by keyword filter can help refine your results to material that includes specific keywords. It can also be useful as a quick way to get ideas for other search terms that may be relevant.

Where is the Classic catalogue?

As part of the Library system upgrade the Classic catalogue has been retired and has been replaced by the new Quick Find search.

If you are missing the old catalogue search we recommend you try the new search options:

  • Browse item search - this will allow you to browse for items by title, author and subject term. This option is limited to finding items held by the Library such as books and ebooks, DVDs and videos, journals, newspapers and other items. Please note it does not find articles.
  • Find a journal search - this will allow you to easily check to see if the Library holds a particular journal or periodical plus what years the Library has available.