Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is the primary, authoritative source of Australian statistics from economics and demographics to health and education.

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Some statistics are one-off releases but many are published regularly (e.g. the monthly Labour Force, Australia or the annual Recorded Crime - Victims, Australia).

All ABS datasets are assigned a Catalogue Number which may be searched. For example, the Labour Force, Australia survey is assigned Catalogue Number 6202.0.

Recommended options to find ABS statistics:

  1. Use the Statistics Filter to search by Keyword or Catalogue Number with the option to limit results by Topic and date Released.
  2. Browse by Topic to explore statistics available for a topic.
  3. Browse by Title if the name of the statistical dataset is known.

ABS Census of Population and Housing

The ABS Census of Population and Housing (conducted every five years) provides some of the most detailed statistics available. Community Profiles are readily available at a State, City, postcode or suburb level. Users with significant experience using Census data can create detailed tables and maps using ABS Census TableBuilder Pro.

Census data could be used, for example, to answer the following question related to cultural diversity: "How many people in Wynnum-Manly speak a language other than English at home and what are the top five languages other than English spoken?"

To find this 2011 Census data:

  1. In the QuickStatSearch box search for Wynnum.
  2. Select Wynnum - Manly, Qld Statistical Area Level 3 (SA3) from the results.
  3. Select the Community Profile button.
  4. Download the Basic Community Profile and then open the spreadsheet.
  5. Open the List of Topics (1) tab.
  6. Select B13 Language Spoken at Home by Sex

We can then answer: "In 2011 4074 people in Wynnum-Manly spoke a language other than English at home and the top five languages are Hindi, Greek, Mandarin, Cantonese and German".