Readings and textbooks

QUT Readings

QUT Readings provides access to the reading lists for your units. The lists can include a wide variety of resources, including books, chapters, journal articles, web pages, videos, conference papers, unreported judgements, cases, legislation and past exam papers.

Your reading lists are available via the QUT Blackboard unit pages (under Learning Resources | QUT Readings) or directly via QUT Readings, and are accessible from both on and off campus.

QUT Readings enables you to:

Past examinations papers can be browsed directly at QUT Readings: Examination Papers.

Course reserve collections

Some high use items are held in the Library's course reserve collections, where they have a reduced loan period of two hours.

Lists of unit materials held in course reserve collections are available by entering your unit code (e.g. BSB115) into Quick Find.

Course reserve collections are located at:

Students and staff may request copies of extracts from items held in course reserve. Simply search Quick Find for the book (entering the unit code is the easiest way) and then click on the "Request scan of chapter" link. See requesting scans of book chapters and portions for more information.

Looking for your textbook?

While QUT Library purchases copies of your prescribed textbook and recommended readings, we're unable to provide quantities to meet all demand. It is your responsibility to make sure you have access to your textbook.

Read QUT's copy - a copy or part of your textbook (including ebook versions) is likely to be available from:

Buy your own copy - you can buy your books brand new from the QUT Bookshop, or see what is available via the QUT second hand bookshop.

If you need financial assistance to buy your textbooks, you may be able to access financial help and equity support to assist with either book vouchers or access to a textbook via the textbook loan scheme. You may also be eligible to apply for a Student Financial Assistance Scheme (SFAS) loan to cover the costs of purchasing textbooks.

Other options - the Library will often hold an earlier edition of your textbook. Ask your lecturer or tutor whether an earlier edition is a viable option.

See social media such as the QUT Textbook Exchange on Facebook.