Save to My Favourites

When searching Library Search you can save items or searches to view at a later date. Saved items and searches are permanently saved to My Favourites.

To find My Favourites when searching Library Search, click on the orange "pin" icon in the top banner. Make sure you have logged in to see all your saved favourites.

Saving items

If you find an item in search results that you want to save for later simply click on the pin icon next to the article title in search results.

To view your saved items simply log in to My Favourites - here you can also organise you saved items by adding your own labels to each saved record.

Saving searches

If there is a particular search that you frequently use and would like to save for later simply click on the "save query" link at the top of your search results (you must be logged in for the save query link to appear).

To view your saved searches simply log in to My Favourites.

Email alerts

For each saved search you can also set up weekly email notifications for new items in Library Search that match your search. This is useful for alerts for new resources in your subject discipline.

Viewing your search history (for this session)

The search history for your current search session can be seen in the Search history tab. These searches are not permanently saved.

Tip: if you want to permanently save any of these searches you will need to add them to your Saved searches. Otherwise these searches will disappear when your search session finishes (up to 3hrs).