Using filters

Filters are a very useful way to remove unwanted items from your search results. Filters are found in the left side menu of the search results - click on any filter and your search results will automatically be updated.

Types of filters

Key filters include:

  • Publication date - enter the publication year range e.g. from 2015 to 2018 and click Apply.
  • Show only - limit results to show only material that is:
    • Hardcopy items
    • Online
    • Online and peer-reviewed
    • Open access
  • By format - use this to filter your results to just a specific type of content e.g. ebooks & books, articles (this includes journal articles, trade publications and magazines - also select the peer-reviewed filter to limit just to scholarly articles) as well as videos, music, conference proceedings plus more.
  • By Library - use if you want to just search for items available in a specific branch Library.
  • By Library collection - use if you want to just search for items available in a specific collection in the Library such as Curriculum collection.
  • Limit by Keyword - use this to limit your search results to material that includes these specific keywords.
  • Language - limit results by a variety of languages (note: most resources are English).

Lock your filters

It is important to note that your filters are not "sticky". To use the same filters for several searches, you will need to "lock" your filters - simply click on the Lock all filters link.

To remove, simply click on Clear all filters.

Select multiple filters

You can select multiple filters at once by hovering your mouse over an individual filter and either clicking in the check-box that appears on the left to include the filter or clicking the red check-box that appears on the right to exclude a filter. After selecting all the filters you want, click the green Apply filters button.