Search tips for finding books

Find a specific book or textbook

There are several options for finding a specific book or textbooks in the Library Search. For example, to find the book:

Levitt, Eugene E. The Psychology of Anxiety. 2nd ed., Routledge, 2016.

Basic search

Enter the title (or author and title) of the book into the search box.

  • the psychology of anxiety, or
  • levitt the psychology of anxiety

Tip: The book still didn't appear in the results? Try putting the title of your book in quotation marks e.g. "psychology of anxiety" (this will make sure all the words of the title are searched as a phrase).

Browse items

Find this option in the top menu of the Library Search:

  • Browse by Title: psychology of anxiety (note: leave out 'the'), or
  • Browse by Author: levitt eugene.
  • Advanced search

    Select both of the following fields:

    • Title or Publication Title: psychology of anxiety
    • Author: levitt.

    Tip: this is a good option if you are searching for a book with a common or single word title, e.g. management by john schermerhorn.

    Find books on a topic

    If you are looking for books on a topic:

    • Enter your search terms and then select the Books & ebooks filter (in the left side menu).
    • You can also choose to limit your results to just ebooks by selecting the Available online filter or hardcopy books in the Library by choosing Available in hardcopy.

    Tip: don't forget to lock your filters if you want to keep searching just for books.