Find CDs, sheet music, online music, and musical instruments.

CDs and Music scores

  • The Sound CD Collection is located near the lifts on Level 4 of the Kelvin Grove Library.
  • The Music Score Collection is located near the D Block link on Level 4 of the Kelvin Grove Library.

Search for CDs and scores

You can search for CDs and scores in Library Search by band, composer etc. (e.g. Metallica or Beethoven) and selecting the Music or Music scores formats to filter results.

Freely available online music and scores

These recommended websites provide music recordings and scores for free as the music is either public domain (older, out-of-copyright) or modern music made freely available by the artist under a licence, such as a Creative Commons licence.

Musical instruments

The Library has some musical instruments available for loan from the Curriculum Collection. Search for these by name (e.g. guitar) using the Classroom resources search and then Select a format and tick Realia.