Search tools and websites for finding a wide range of maps and interactive mapping tools.

Online maps

Online maps and mapping tools are useful for finding:

  • topographic maps - show information about the shape of the land, and can be used to obtain precise measurements of distance, direction, area and quantity
  • aerial photography and satellite images - use in natural resource management, vegetation mapping, geological applications as well as urban, regional and property planning
  • cadastral maps - land boundary maps.

View online maps and satellite imagery available through the Library

You can also find maps organised by local geographic areas or topic of interest, including:

  • Australian national, Queensland, or Brisbane maps - often free from government sources, these maps can be used to view local maps based on a topic of interest
  • Historical maps - show historic information about an area and how it's changed over time, including name changes
  • Indigenous Australia maps - can include representations of Aboriginal Australia, native title maps, and decolonisation of historical maps
  • Astronomical maps - high quality images and detailed maps of constellations and space
  • Geological maps - details geologic features, such as surface geology, geomorphology, and geophysical surveying
  • Oceanographic maps - includes bathymetric maps and nautical charts
  • Climate maps - meteorological maps and associated images

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Maps in the Library

Hardcopy maps are available in the Gardens Point Map collection.

You can search for maps in Library Search by location or topic (e.g. Brisbane or dam) and select the Maps format to filter results.