BrowZine set-up and troubleshooting

Get started with BrowZine by setting up access to fulltext articles, sign up for a BrowZine account to create bookshelves and save articles - plus troubleshoot common problems.

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Getting started

Access is via the BrowZine website or mobile apps from the App Store or Google Play.

Choose a Library (Queensland University of Technology)

In order to access the fulltext of articles via BrowZine you need to make sure you choose "Queensland University of Technology" as your Library.

If you are using the BrowZine website (via a desktop computer):

  • You should be automatically directed to the "Queensland University of Technology" version. If not, select the "Choose Library" option in the top banner.

If you are using an app:

  • When you initially install and first open the app you should be prompted to "Choose Library" - search for "Queensland University of Technology"
  • Next you will be prompted to enter your QUT username and password. This is the same username (e.g. n1234567) and password you would enter to access Library databases and resources.


Your QUT login details are stored in the BrowZine app, but remember to update them (in the app, in Settings) when you change your QUT password.

Create a BrowZine account

This is optional, but if you want to personalise your BrowZine experiencing we recommend setting up your own BrowZine Account. This will allow you to:

  • create your own bookshelf of favourite journals
  • get alerts when new issues are published
  • save articles to read later (app only)
  • sync with Endnote, Zotero, Mendeley, Dropbox and more (app only).

To create an account you will need to Sign Up for BrowZine. You can use any email and password you like (but your QUT email is recommended). Do not use your QUT password as your BrowZine account password.


The most common issues relating to authentication and logins. If you receive any of the following message please try the following:

"Authentication failed. Incorrect ID/Password. You may have mistyped your Internet ID and password"

This means you have an incorrect or out-of-date QUT username and password saved in the BrowZine app. To fix this issue:

  • Go to Settings > Change Library > Logout.
  • Choose "Queensland University of Technology" again and re-enter your QUT username (e.g. n1234567) and password. Remember: this is different to your BrowZine Account login. Do not enter your email address in the username field.

Forgotten your BrowZine Account login?

If you are using the BrowZine website (via a desktop computer) or mobile app:

  • Go to Settings > BrowZine Account > Login
  • Click the Forgot? Option next to the Password box and you will be prompted to reset your password.

Still having trouble?

Check out: