Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources

This search displays a selection of items in the Library about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Use the main Library Search to access all available resources. We welcome your suggestions to build this collection.

Please note

Cultural advice

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that items in the QUT Library collection may contain images, names and voices of people who have died.

All people are advised that there may be words and descriptions that include offensive and derogatory terms that are unacceptable today.

It is important to recognise that the QUT Library collection contains books, articles, images and other materials that are useful to the QUT community, but can also be problematic as they are often based on non-Indigenous interpretations of observations and records of First Nations Peoples' behaviours, actions, comments and traditions. QUT Library recognises that such interpretations privilege western paradigms of non-First Nations authors and include, at times, attitudes and language of the past. These sources often lack the viewpoints of the people they discuss and depict, and can contain ideas based on outdated scientific theories.

QUT Library takes cultural safety seriously. If you identify material that is culturally sensitive, contains cultural breaches, or causes offence or hurt and that needs further consideration around warning labels, restrictions or access conditions, please contact the Library to make an enquiry or inform us of your concern.

The search includes selected:

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  • journals (note this search does not find articles - use the Library Search to search for articles)
  • videos
  • music and audio recordings
  • theses.