Free online classroom resources

Find free online classroom resources.

A wealth of free lesson plans, including associated material such as worksheets, videos and interactive learning objects, are discoverable via a Google search. For example, the results of a search for "free online australian classroom resources" includes these valuable resources:

Additional lesson plans are available from:

YuMi Deadly resources for maths teaching

All YuMi Deadly resources are now freely available. YuMi Deadly Maths (YDM) is a unique mathematics pedagogical approach to improve capacity to teach mathematics. It aims for the highest level of mathematics understanding through activity that engages students and involves parents and community. YDM aims to empower teachers to prepare effective mathematics lessons. Originally designed for Indigenous students, YDM has been successfully adapted to low-SES students and mainstream schools.

Educational Apps

Many free apps useful for classroom teaching are available from iTunes, Google Play and the Microsoft Store.