Novels and recreational reading

Find novels and children's fiction in hardcopy and as ebooks.


The majority of the Library's hardcopy novels are located at the Kelvin Grove Library on level 3, where they are arranged by country of origin, e.g.:

Graphic novels can be found at 741.59.

To search for novels across all hardcopy and ebooks:

  1. Open Library Search - Advanced search.
  2. Under Search filters select Subject, contains the term/s and enter fiction.
  3. In the next line change the Any field drop down as appropriate and enter a desired keyword, author name or subject.
  4. Change the Format drop-down to Books & ebooks.

Children's and young adult fiction

Children's and young adult fiction in book and ebook format are discoverable via Library Search's Classroom resources search.

Ebook collections

These ebook databases mainly include novels, including fiction for children, teens and young adults: