Books and ebooks

Books are a great source of introductory and practical information, and often contain seminal theories of a discipline. Textbooks and encyclopedias are a great choice for finding information on foundational knowledge.

Finding books

The best way to find books and ebooks is to use the Library Search. It includes all the hardcopy books, ebooks and textbooks in the Library collection.

Search tips for finding books in the Library Search

Your reading list may also link to your textbook and provide links to recommended books and chapters.

Find out more about QUT Readings

If you start your research on the web, you may find relevant books on publisher sites as well as popular platforms such as Google Books, Wikipedia and Amazon. Learn how to automatically check if the book is available in QUT Library using Libkey Nomad.

LibKey Nomad - install this browser extension to link to QUT Library books when searching the web

Borrowing and requesting books

If you find a hardcopy book you want, learn how to find it on the shelf (or request Library staff do this for you!) and learn how to borrow items, place holds and request chapter scans.

Using ebooks

Please note

Publishers often apply access restrictions to ebooks such as limited loan or download periods, limited simultaneous users, and restrictions on printing and copying chapters.

Reading online

Most ebooks can be read online without the need to download first. This can be a good option if you want to check if the ebook will be useful before downloading or if you only want to read a small section or chapter. Some publishers only allow their ebooks, especially textbooks, to be read online and not downloaded.

Downloading ebooks

Many Library ebooks can be "borrowed" or downloaded to your mobile device, tablet or computer for a specified period of time. Single chapters or limited page ranges can often be downloaded as a PDF and saved permanently. Note:

  • loan periods vary - please check the interface before downloading
  • some ebooks have limited simultaneous downloads (e.g. only one person can download at a time).

Most ebooks can be read with the following software and an Adobe ID.

On your computer:

  1. install Adobe Digital Editions
  2. authorise Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID
  3. if needed, associate .acsm files with Adobe Digital Editions.

On your mobile/tablet device:

  1. download the Adobe Digital Editions app via Google Play or the App Store
  2. authorise the Adobe Digital Editions app with your Adobe ID.

Authorising your computer, smartphone, tablet or e-reader with the same Adobe ID provides the flexibility to transfer ebooks between devices.

How much can I print and copy from an ebook?

Restrictions on printing and copying vary by ebook publisher and many require you to download first, so always check the interface for details.

Single chapters or limited page ranges can often be saved and printed as a PDF.

You can also check how much you've printed and copied, and when the ebook loan will expire:

  • Adobe Digital Editions for PC and Mac - right-click the ebook on your Bookshelf and select "Item Info".