Using LibKey Nomad

Want to access Library resources without using the Library website? Try LibKey Nomad - a browser extension that provides links to scholarly articles (direct PDF links where possible) when you are searching the web!

Get the LibKey Nomad browser extension

  • Get the LibKey Nomad Chrome extension
  • Get the LibKey Nomad Firefox extension
  • Get the LibKey Nomad Edge extension
  • Get the LibKey Nomad Safari extension

Install the LibKey Nomad extension and when prompted, select Queensland University of Technology as the institution.

Why would I use it?

It is great for people who search the web to find scholarly articles. It means that if you've found an article on a publisher site, you don't need to search for it again in the Library Search to get access. The extension will automatically connect you to articles in our collection.

Another big advantage is when you research from home or off-campus. The extension automatically knows you are from QUT and will allow access. Unlike many publisher websites where they only recognise you as being from QUT if you are on-campus.

Does it work on every website I visit?

The extension is only active when you visit:

What about privacy?

Unlike some other browser extensions, no QUT login details are stored in your browser, it does not require you to create a personal account and it does not track your usage.