Journal articles are scholarly papers that report research findings or review research developments within a subject area. Articles from peer-reviewed journals go through a process of review by one or more experts in the subject area and have the most academic credibility.

There are numerous ways to find articles for your assignment or research.

Library Search

The Library Search is a good starting point to find articles on a topic or to check if the Library has access to a specific article you need.

Learn how to find articles, including peer-reviewed articles, in the Library Search and when you have found the perfect article learn the tricks for finding similar articles.

Library databases

Databases are specialised search tools that often focus on a specific discipline and are great for finding articles in a particular study area. They can provide more relevant search results compared to the Library Search.

Not sure which database to choose? Check out the following:


If you know the article DOI or PMID use the DOI/PMID Search to quickly find the article.

Go to the DOI/PMID Search

Please note

A DOI is the Digital Object Identifier of an article (it uses the format 10.6017/ital.v39i4.12123) and the PMID is the PubMed Identifier used by the PubMed medical database.

Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines

Many journal publisher websites and Library databases can be accessed directly via search engines (without the need to use the Library website). Discover these tips on how to access the full text of articles when searching the web.