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QUT staff and students, including external students, are eligible to become reciprocal members of other university libraries, under a Library borrowing scheme called ULANZ (University Libraries of Australia and New Zealand).

  • Reciprocal membership usually includes borrowing privileges, but borrowing conditions vary across all libraries.
  • Membership does not usually include access to internet and online resources.
  • Membership fees may apply.
  • Registration is done directly at the host institution.
  • All registrations are current for one year, and expire on the 28th February the following year.

ULANZ Information for Borrowers

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  • CSIRO Libraries - Commonwealth of Australia Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
  • British Library - official depository of the United Kingdom
  • Library of Congress - official depository of the United States
  • Libraries Australia - combined Australian libraries
  • WorldCat - combined North American and other libraries - the largest network in the world
  • COPAC - combined University and National Libraries in the UK and Ireland, including the British Library
  • The European Library - combined National Libraries of Europe
  • Trove - combined search of Australian library materials. Provided by the National Library of Australia.