Manage your loans, renewals and requests

My Library allows you to easily check your current loans, renew items and view your hold and scan requests plus see any outstanding Library penalties and messages.

You can also find links in the login menu at the top of all pages in Library Search and the library website.

Loans and renewals

The Loans and renewals tab is where you can:

  • view your current and previous loans
  • check when items are due
  • renew eligible loans - please note that you are not required to renew your loans, they will be automatically renewed 2 days before the due date (unless an item has been recalled). Check library borrowing limits for how many times an item can be renewed.


In this tab you can manage your holds and scan requests - you can check the status of your requests, including where you are in the queue and cancel them if they are no longer needed.


The different hold request statuses mean:

  • Hold request. In process. - you are the first (or only) person to have placed a hold request for this item. You will be notified by email when your hold is ready to be collected from the hold shelf in the Library.
  • Hold request. Not Started. Place in queue is: 1 - another person already has this item but once it is returned you will be next to get the item.
  • Hold request. Not Started. Place in queue is: 2 - another person already has this item and when it is returned another person will be next in queue to get the item. When this person returns the item you will be notified it is ready for you to collect.
  • On hold shelf - the item is ready for you to collect from the hold shelf of the Library that you selected when placing the request.

For popular items (especially textbooks) there can be multiple hold requests, so the number of students in the queue can get reasonably high.


The different library request statuses mean:

  • Library request. Submitted. - you have submitted your request and it is waiting to be processed. You will be sent an email confirming the request was submitted.
  • Library request. In Process - your scan request is being processed (including copyright checking and approval). Requests can be cancelled if QUT Library already has the item, if not enough detail is supplied in the request or the request does not comply with copyright requirements.
  • Library request. Emailed - the request has been completed and the scan has been emailed to you. You can also log in to My Library to view and download the scan.


This tab will display any replacement cost fees applied to your account as well as a link to pay (via QUTPay). If you return overdue item(s) any penalties will be removed. Learn more about when Library replacement costs are applied at Borrowing conditions - Imposition of penalties.

Messages and sanctions

If there are any sanctions or additional messages from the Library they will display in this tab. Learn more about when Library sanctions are applied at Borrowing conditions - Imposition of penalties.