Viewing tips

If you are experiencing problems viewing your document, below are a number of suggestions that will often help resolve the problem:

Troubleshooting tips

Clear your browser cookies and cache

Search IT FAQs for instructions on how to do this for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

Try another web browser

All major browsers are supported however Firefox appears to be the most reliable browser for viewing documents. Make sure you browser is up to date.

Some Mac users find that they experience problems when using Safari to view documents. If this is the case we recommend trying Firefox to access your documents.

Check your Internet Access Service (IAS)

If you are on campus make sure that your IAS is activated, as your documents are stored in a system outside the QUT network. Your IAS is normally activated by default but an easy way to check is to open your browser and go to a non QUT website such as Google. If your IAS isn't active this should prompt you to log in with your QUT account. After you have logged in attempt to view the document again.

Do you have both a QUT staff and student account?

Make sure you are logged in with the account you used to place the request, otherwise the document will not be available.

Known error messages

DocFetch Error: Unable to retrieve document: Unable to authenticate access

You have most likely entered the incorrect username and password to view the document. Each document has a unique username and password, this is not your QUT username and password.

Check the email you received with the link to your document as this will provide the username and password required. If you are copying and pasting details from the email make sure you don't copy an extra space at the end of the username and password.

Sign in was not successful. Your account has expired. Please contact your administrator.

This message will appear if the system thinks you are not eligible to use the service. However, if you should be able to access this service please contact the Document Delivery team and they will follow-up and resolve this issue.