Lending to other Australian and overseas libraries

QUT Library provides document delivery services to other Australian and overseas libraries. Note that:

  • we don't offer Express - 2 hour turnaround
  • we don't provide document delivery services to individuals - individuals should contact their own institution's library, which may make requests on their behalf.

What material can be supplied

Material Supply copies? Supply by loan?
(8 weeks, no renewals)
General collection Yes Yes
Curriculum collection Yes Yes
Audiovisual material (subject to pre-bookings made by QUT clients) No Yes
Reference collection Yes No
Course reserve collection Yes No
QUT Theses (check QUT Thesis Search to see if it's already available for download - if not, email a signed declaration form (PDF, 64KB) to qutkg-docdel@qut.edu.au) Yes No
Documents from electronic subscriptions (subject to licence agreements) Yes No
IELTS (International English Language Testing System) collection No No

Request methods

QUT uses the Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD) system.

NUC symbol
Email / ILAWEB Phone
(Rush requests only)
Street address Postal address
QUT qutkg-docdel@qut.edu.au +61 7 3138 5975 R Block, Level 3
Kelvin Grove campus
Victoria Park Rd
Kelvin Grove QLD 4059
KG Document Delivery
R Block, Level 3
QUT Library
Victoria Park Rd
Kelvin Grove QLD 4059

Charges and payment

Standard charges apply to QULOC (Queensland University Libraries Office of Cooperation) member libraries unless bilateral document delivery agreements are in place.

Otherwise, the following charges (GST inclusive) apply:

Supply by Core rate - 4 day turnaround Rush rate - 1 day turnaround
Standard item - Copy (supplied electronically where licensing allows)
  • $18.70 for up to 25 pages; $4.40 for every additional 25 page/s
  • $37.40
Standard item - Loan
  • $28.80 + you pay return mail
  • $52.60 (including $15.00 Express Post delivery charge) + you pay return mail
QUT Thesis - Copy (supplied electronically)
  • Digitised QUT Thesis: $18.50 ($16.80 ex-GST for international requests)
  • Non-digitised QUT Thesis: $71.50 ($65 ex-GST for international requests)
  • Not applicable

For each request, please specify which method of payment you'll use:

  • we prefer payment through the Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD) payments system
  • other accepted payment options are via credit or debit card (details provided when requests have been submitted).