FAQs - About the deposit process and copyright

Who can submit papers into QUT ePrints?

Only QUT staff and postgraduate students can deposit papers in QUT ePrints. A current QUT Access Username and Password is required.

For an item to be accepted for inclusion in the repository, at least one of the authors of the work must have a current affiliation with QUT. Works completed or published prior to the author’s arrival at QUT will be accepted provided the affiliation at the time of publication is clearly marked on the deposited document.

Items may be deposited by a person other than the author or creator provided the depositing is done with the author's permission. Ideally, the author/creator should provide the depositor with a digital copy of the work (for journal articles, it should be the accepted manuscript version), a full description including information about the authors (internal, external or student) and keywords plus information about the rights in the work (has the author retained copyright or at least the right to disseminate a copy of the accepted manuscript)


What types of papers will be accepted?

Journal articles, conference papers, conference proceedings, conference posters, books, book chapters, theses, working papers, discussion papers and research-related reports will all be accepted. Note: For unpublished material, the deposit MUST include a copy of the full-text or a link to a web-site where the fulltext (or equivalent) can be accessed. For creative works, a digital image of the work is acceptable but should be accompanied by a statement about the research component of the work.

If you would like to deposit something that falls outside of this range, please contact the QUT ePrints Administrator at eprints@qut.edu.au to discuss its suitability


Is anything unsuitable for deposit in QUT ePrints?

Yes, most commonly:

  • material intended for commercialisation (especially patentable information)
  • material which contain confidential material
  • material which, if disseminated, would infringe the copyright of another person or a legal commitment
  • information about unpublished papers or reports not accompanied by a full-text file or a hypertext link to an online source


Which formats are acceptable?

The following formats are all acceptable:

  • MS Word
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • LaTex
  • Wav
  • Postscript

Note: MS Word, RTF and PPT files are all converted to PDF by the administrators before they are moved to the public site.


What if my document includes images?

With a few exceptions, such as fine arts and histology, digital graphics are generally good enough. Readers can always choose to access the published version if they need better image quality. In some cases, web illustrations are already actually better than images printed on paper. This is particularly true for illustrations in fields where the data are collected digitally in the first place, such as Astronomy.


What if I don't have an electronic copy of the document?

To comply with the University Eprint Repository Policy (effective since January 2004), all QUT staff and postgraduate students should now be keeping a digital copy of the accepted version of each new journal article and conference paper.  Co-authors may be able to supply a copy. For older publications, the publisher may give permission for us to use the published version or scan a print copy. Provided the work is still available from the publisher, bibliographic details plus link to the publisher's website is sufficient. Deposits will not be accepted for 'unpublished' or 'out-of-print' works unless a full-text version is provided by the author. Contact the QUT ePrints Administrator at eprints@qut.edu.au for help.


What about version control?

It is possible that the repository includes multiple versions of the same document. For example, an author could deposit the ‘preprint’ (version submitted for peer review) at the time of submission and later deposit the ‘postprint’ (the corrected version accepted for publication following peer-review).  Each version will be date stamped and have its own unique identifier.  All versions will be linked and users can compare versions or select the most recent version to view.


What about copyright?

Copyright issues are address in the Copyright Matters of this web site.


If I deposit the submitted version before the paper has been accepted before the paper has been accepted by the journal, will it affect my prospects of getting the paper published?

Some journals place a pre-publication embargo on documents that are being considered for publication. A journal could interpret dissemination of the submitted version as a ‘prior publication’ and reject the article. Therefore, it is recommended that you wait until the paper has been accepted for publication before uploading a copy to QUT ePrints.


Do I need to check the journal’s policy on open access before depositing my paper?

While it is a good idea to be aware of the rights you are transferring and the rights you are retaining when you sign a publication agreement, here at QUT it is not a requirement that you know the publisher's policy before depositing the accepted manuscript version of a journal article. Library staff always check the policy of the journal publisher during the review stage and enable a level of access that is consistent. In some cases, this will mean that open access to the full-text will be restricted temporarily (as some publishers require a post-publication embargo of 6-18 months) or even permanently if the publisher is totally opposed to open access.  However, it is still worth creating a repository record for the work as it will increase its visibility.  Should the publisher adopt a more supportive stance on open access in the future, the Library will remove the restriction on access to the file. See Copyright Matters for more information.


Who can I contact with queries?

Your Liaison Librarian will be able to provide guidance and or assistance should you need it. If it is a hardware or software issue, they may refer you to a more appropriate person.

See the Contacts and help for more information.


Can someone else do the depositing for me?

While it is not ideal, papers can be deposited by a person other than the author of the document providing the depositing is done with the permission of the author(s). The author should provide some keywords if there are none on the document and a digital copy of the work (for journal articles it should be the accepted manuscript version). If the work has not been formally published elsewhere, the author must confirm that the work does not contain material (images etc.) that is copyrighted to a third party unless permissions have been obtained. For journal articles, the Library will assume that the author(s) has signed the journal's standard publication agreement and will undertake the necessary publisher policy checking. If the standard agreement was varied by the author, or if copyright was retained, this information should be provided to the depositor so it can be forwarded to the repository administrator via the "comments field" in the deposit form.