About QUT ePrints

QUT ePrints is a web-accessible repository of research outputs created by QUT staff and postgraduate students.

Whenever possible, the outputs deposited in QUT ePrints by their creators can be downloaded or viewed online, free of charge. This ensures the widest possible dissemination for the outputs of QUT researchers and contributes to the growing body of research literature that is now freely available online.

Institutional repositories like QUT ePrints are complementary to traditional academic publishing; not a replacement. QUT researchers still submit their articles to scholarly journals for peer review and publication. However, they can now maximise the reach of their work by depositing copies of these articles, and copies of their conference papers and other research outputs, in QUT ePrints. In fact, since January 2004, it has been QUT policy that publicly available research and scholarly output of the University should be deposited in QUT ePrints (excludes confidential material and material intended for commercialisation).

For journal articles, in most cases, the version of work that is made available for download is the 'accepted manuscript'. This is the author's final draft version, as accepted for publication following peer review. In some cases, the version available for download may be the published version (copy-edited, formatted and paginated by the publisher) or the preprint version (as submitted for peer review). If the published version is not available for download, the record will generally include a hypertext link (DOI or URL) to this version on the publisher's website.

For more information about QUT ePrints, please read the QUT ePrints brochure (PDF, 1.6MB).

About the system

QUT ePrints makes use of the following technologies:

QUT ePrints supports OAI 2.0 with a base URL of http://www.eprints.qut.edu.au/cgi/oai2