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QUT ePrints is an institutional repository of eprints which showcases some of the research output of QUT staff and postgraduate students.

The papers deposited in QUT ePrints are freely available. This open access ensures the widest possible dissemination and impact for our work and contributes to the growing body of research literature that is now freely available online. Find out more about QUT ePrints policy and purpose.

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QUT Digital Theses

QUT Digital Theses is a digital collection of theses produced by research higher degree students at QUT. The theses are made publicly available online via QUT ePrints in order to improve access and promote QUT research to the international community.

Guide to depositing items

(For QUT staff and research students only)

The Quick Deposit Guide (PDF, 163KB) is a printable, step-by-step guide to the process for depositing Journal Articles, Conference Papers, Books, Book Chapters and Working Papers into QUT ePrints.

Only papers where at least one author is a QUT staff member or postgraduate students are eligible for deposit in QUT ePrints. This guide provides more information about the conditions for depositing material as well as explanation of the kind of information you will have to include in the eprint record.

The Deposit Guide for Creative Works (PDF, 123KB) is specifically for research outputs such as Visual Artwork, Design/Architectural Work, Exhibition/Event, Festival, Performance, Textual Work such as Poetry, Website and Film/Video.

EndNote guides

There are also guides available on how to export items from QUTePrints to an EndNote Library:

QUT ePrints FAQs

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the deposit process and institutional repositories.

An introduction to some of the copyright issues relating to academic publishing and institutional repositories such as QUT ePrints.

Contacts and help

For more information about QUT ePrints, the QUT eprint repository policy, the deposit process or you would like to discuss related copyright issues, please contact:

Contact Support available Contact details
Liaison librarians

For QUT staff and HDR students, your Liaison Librarian can provide additional information about QUT ePrints and guidance on any aspect of the deposit process. They can also arrange training sessions for your Faculty, School or Research Centre.

For some hardware or software related problems, your Liaison Librarian may refer you to an appropriate support person from within the Division (TILS).

QUT ePrints Administrator

The QUT ePrints Administrator checks each item that has been deposited before it is made visible to the world. If there are any problems, the Administrator will contact the depositor or the corresponding author.

If you experience any difficulties during the deposit process, or if you discover any errors or problems on the QUT ePrints site, please contact the QUT ePrints Administrator.

If you wish to deposit documents that have already been published, the Administrator can advise you about how to ask for copyright clearance from the publisher.

University Copyright Officer

Complex copyright queries may be referred to the University Copyright Officer or you can consult the University's copyright guide.