Open access and QUT Theses

Completed QUT theses are made available online via QUT's open access repository, QUT ePrints. This increases the visibility of the research and helps the author to build an online presence as a researcher. However, because QUT ePrints is communicating the work to the public, there are some important copyright implications that must be addressed before the thesis is submitted.

The thesis author owns the copyright in the work. However, where a thesis contains some content owned by a 'third party' (i.e. someone other than the thesis author), written permission must be obtained from the copyright holder before their content can be made available online. If permission is not obtained, then the content must be removed from the version of the thesis that is made available to the public (an intact version of the digital thesis will be retained as an 'archive' copy). Third party copyright material may include:

  • Extensive excerpts from other works (significantly longer than normal quotes)
  • Exact copies of figures and tables from published works
  • Journals articles written by the thesis author where copyright has been transferred to the publisher

Where published articles form part of a thesis (i.e. Thesis by publication), the author should obtain permission from the journal publisher to include the article in the version of the thesis made available via QUT ePrints. An alternative option is to publish in reputable open access journals which apply Creative Commons licences to the articles they publish.