ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor iD) is an international, not-for-profit organisation which provides researchers and scholars with a unique digital identifier (ORCID iD) plus a system for linking their iD to their research activities and outputs.

There is no cost involved for researchers and the registration process takes less than 30 seconds.

Staff - Create or Connect your ORCID iD
Research Students - Create or Connect your ORCID iD

How do researchers benefit?

A unique identifier eliminates the ambiguity caused by multiple researchers with the same name and the use of variant names by the same researcher.

Uniquely linking research outputs and activities to a specific researcher allows information to be automatically transferred between systems, which reduces the need for duplicate reporting and data entry. A researcher's outputs become more discoverable and tracking the impact of their research takes less time, and is more accurate.

Use your ORCID iD

Use your ORCID iD whenever there is an opportunity to provide it, especially when publishing or applying for grants. Your ORCID iD will then be linked to your new publications and grants from the outset.

ORCID has been working with 'integrating' organisations to make it easy for you to associate your ORCID iD with your existing publications, grants and datasets. Integration 'wizards' have been set up for the Scopus and Web of Science databases. The linking can be done via your ORCID record or via these databases. Subsequently, any new publications added to their database by a publisher, will automatically be added to your ORCID record by Scopus or Web or Science, provided you gave the journal your iD when submitting the article.

CrossRef, the digital object identifier (DOI) registry, has also set up an ORCID integration. This means that, via your ORCID record, you can authorise CrossRef to push details of your new publications to your ORCID record whenever a new publication associated with your iD is added to their DOI registry.


ORCID brochures, suitable for printing: