Managing your research data

"... facts, observations, images, computer program results, recordings, measurements or experiences ..."
QUT MOPP D/2.8 Management of research data.

QUT recognises research data as a valuable product of research activity which can assist in promoting open enquiry and debate, complementing research outputs and publications, providing research transparency, and justifying research outcomes. You are required to manage your research data and primary materials throughout the research lifecycle by addressing issues of retention, storage and recordkeeping, ownership, security, confidentiality and re-use.

Planning for the management of research data early in a research project can improve research efficiency, guard against data loss, enhance data security, and ensure research data integrity and replication.

A data management plan allows you to document your strategy and reference related policies, agreements, responsibilities and resources. It can help you better prepare for your research data needs, and is a useful document for conveying this information to other people, including funding bodies, your supervisor and your colleagues.

A data management plan should contain details of how you will deal with the following:

HDR Students should consult the Guidelines on the use of the Data Management Planning Tool for Higher Degree Research Candidates (PDF, 35KB)