TV and radio

Television and radio broadcasts, including podcasts of broadcasts and broadcasts which have otherwise been made available online by the broadcaster may be received in class without any licence or permission.

Broadcasts may be recorded, copied, and communicated for the University's educational purposes. The definition of "educational purposes" is broad and includes, but is not limited to, use in courses of study, administration that supports the educational activities of the University, and inclusion in the library collection. This is allowed under the educational statutory licence in the Copyright Act, subject to a remuneration agreement with Screenrights, the audio-visual copyright collecting society. The licence applies to broadcasts from both free-to-air and pay services. It does not include streaming services, such as Netflix or Stan.

There is no restriction on the amount or type of program copied. For example, feature films, advertisements, news, drama or documentary programs may all be copied. Whole programs may be copied, or program segments may be made into a compilation.

Copies may be digital or analog and there is no restriction on the number of copies which may be made.

QUT Library subscribes to an off-air content provider. For more information on this service see Streaming video and off-air recordings.