Distribution on disks or mobile storage devices

Text and images copied under the statutory licence may be distributed to students on disks and mobile storage devices instead of by printed coursepack or online delivery. The copying limits are the same as for printed distribution. Consult Copyright Guidelines - Course Readings in Print or on Disc (PDF, 86KB)> for detail.

Copies in electronic form must have the prescribed copyright warning notice attached. The notice wording is available at Notices.

Music recordings made or copied under the Tertiary Music Licence may be distributed on disks and mobile storage devices to students for study purposes, deposited in the library for student access, or placed on a server for student listening. Access must be restricted to QUT staff and students. The disks and mobile storage devices may be sold to students so long as the price is set to recover costs only. The recordings must carry the Tertiary Music Licence warning notice and descriptive label. The notice and label requirements are available at Notices. For more information on this licence, consult Music recordings.