The Teaching section of the guide is addressed to staff of the University only. It outlines what the University is able to do with copyright material in its role as an educational provider. You operate under these guidelines if your purpose is to teach students or otherwise support the educational purpose of the University.

The copyright owner rights that you are most likely to want to use in teaching are:

  • Reproduction or copying
  • Communication to the public
  • Performance in public

The Copyright Act has special provisions that enable the use of copyright material in teaching without permission from the copyright owners. What you may do depends on the nature of the source material and the method of delivery to students. This section of the guide firstly deals with the types of material you may wish to use in teaching and how copyright law affects your use of them. Secondly it deals with the means by which you deliver the material to students. The compliance regime for the one source type can differ according to how you deliver the material.


You will find more detail on what you can do with copyright material for teaching purposes in these guidelines: