Ownership of copyright

Works - Literary, dramatic, musical and artistic

Under the Copyright Act, the first owner of copyright in a work is the author. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If an employee creates a work in pursuance of the terms of his or her employment, then the employer owns the copyright. Another major exception is Crown copyright. If a work is made under the direction or control of, or first published by a state or commonwealth government, then the government owns the copyright. These arrangements as determined by the Act may be varied by agreement.

Films, sound recordings, and broadcasts

Ownership of films, sound recordings, and broadcasts is more complicated. As a general principle, the maker is the copyright owner. If your project involves film or sound recordings, seek more advice from the University Copyright Officer.

Intellectual Property Policy states the University's position on ownership of copyright by students and staff. As a general rule, students own the copyright in their own works and audiovisual productions. For staff, the position is more complex. If you have a query about who is the copyright owner of material you have produced while a student or staff member of the University, consult the policy in the first instance.