QUT ePrints

Research higher degree students are required to deposit an electronic copy of their thesis so that the Library can make it available online through QUT ePrints. You will retain copyright in the thesis.

If you have included material from other people's work in your thesis, before it can be made available online to the world, you will need to obtain the copyright owner's permission. Under Australian copyright law, there are provisions for 'a fair dealing for research or study' that apply to your own use of other people's copyright material in writing and submitting your thesis for examination. However, these provisions do not apply to the University when it makes your thesis available to the world on the web. The University must have owner permissions for any substantial parts of copyright material in the web version of your thesis. You are required to attach written evidence of permissions to your final thesis submission form.

For more information on obtaining permissions, consult the Copyright Guidelines for Research Higher Degree Candidates for Submission of Theses to QUT ePrints (PDF, 61KB).

These resources will help you to obtain and record any necessary copyright permissions: