Responsibility for compliance

It is the responsibility of all students and staff to comply with copyright law. This is clearly stated in the Acceptable use of information technology resources policy, which apply to everyone; and in the QUT Staff Code of Conduct.

Students and staff who use University facilities to infringe copyright will be in breach of these policies. Students in breach will be dealt with in accordance with the procedure in the policy; penalties may include denial of access to the University information facilities. Infringement by staff may be dealt with as a matter of misconduct.

All QUT staff and students are cautioned against using University networks and machines to use, make, store, transmit or otherwise deal with infringing copies of movies, television programs or music. The Copyright Act was amended in December 2006 to permit individuals to copy certain types of material solely for private and domestic use. These new 'private use' provisions do not apply to the University. If copies made by staff or students under these provisions are used for University purposes or with University equipment, they become infringing copies.

You should be aware that the use of all information and communications technology (ICT) resources is monitored and is used to manage IT resources, including detecting security breaches. Any unacceptable use of ICT resources by staff or students will be investigated and, depending on the nature of the alleged breach, may be referred, to be dealt with under the relevant policies for managing staff or student misconduct. (F/1.11.11 Acceptable use of information technology resources: Failure to comply)