In addition to our resources for high school students, teachers can organise on-campus workshops for students in years 10 to 12, and access a range of educational resources and collections.


Please note that we are unable to offer any workshops between 12 February and 15 March 2024, and 8 July and 2 August 2024.

QUT Librarians deliver workshops designed to help high school students acquire the research and study skills they need for current and future studies. Our team specialises in finding, evaluating and referencing information for academic study.

Researching for assignments
Knowledge and skills to support effective researching

Suggested participants: Years 10-12

This session will provide school groups with knowledge and skills to support effective researching.

Students will explore strategies, techniques and tools to find relevant resources for their assignments. Working collaboratively, students will identify keywords in a topic, create a search strategy and apply search techniques to find articles, books and more in the QUT Library collection.

Researching for legal studies (Law Library)
Introduction to the legal research process

Suggested participants: Years 11-12

This workshop provides a quick introduction to the legal research process.

In the session, students will practice identifying keywords, creating a search strategy and applying different techniques to search for legal resources. Students will have the opportunity to explore online and physical resources held by the Law Library, with a focus on primary and secondary legal material. Approaches considered in the workshop will help students develop the skills and knowledge to effectively find legal information for assignments.

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