Teachers - online information, learning and study resources

QUT Library learning and study support resources are relevant for senior school students considering a tertiary pathway. These online resources incorporate many of the Common Curriculum Elements (CCEs) of the Queensland senior curriculum.

You are welcome to direct students to these resources to use as extension activities or to adapt them to your own classroom needs. Study Smart and QUT cite|write are Creative Commons licensed which allows you to download, modify and/or redistribute non-commercially, providing you acknowledge QUT Library and license your new creations under identical terms. No permission needs to be sought or granted if the conditions of the licence are observed. Please note that some resources linked to from Study Smart and Researching by study area are available to QUT staff and students only.

Study Smart

Study Smart is a step-by-step tutorial to learn effective research and study skills such as locating, evaluating and using information. While each module logically follows the last, you may choose to use individual modules to suit your classroom needs.

As a self-paced tutorial, Study Smart is an ideal extension activity.

Researching by study area

These are research starters that can be used in the classroom to direct students to quality information sources including books, journals, databases and websites.

QUT cite|write

QUT cite|write is an introductory guide to referencing, citing and writing at an undergraduate level.

QUT cite|write provides a reliable and consistent approach to referencing and citation which can be adopted as your classroom or school standard.


As members of the public, teachers and school students can access a range of databases from within QUT Library buildings.

These resources are particularly useful for students who want to research further than your school's library collection.