Printing for the public

Printing services are available on all campuses, and can be used to print A4 and A3 documents in colour or in black and white.

You can self-service print any of your own documents at guest PCs from a USB stick. You can not access your email or other online content from the guest PCs.

Self-service printing is paid for automatically using prepaid credit on your print account, which is linked to your guest card and your guest username and password.

How to pay
Find your nearest self-service location

Printing from a guest computer

Members of the public can use guest PCs to print PDFs and a range of MS Office documents from USB.

Print a standard document by following these steps:

  1. At a guest PC, open your document and select the option to print. Ensure that a QUT print queue is selected under 'Printer'.
  2. For each document sent to the print queue a pop up will prompt you to enter your Guest Account username and password.
  3. At the printer, log in by typing your guest username and password on the touch screen.
  4. Your print account balance will be displayed, choose 'Next'.
  5. Press 'Print Release' and your pending jobs will be displayed.
  6. Select one or more pending jobs from the list, then click 'Print'. If you want to print all pending jobs, click 'Print All'.
  7. Collect your printed documents.
  8. Log out by pressing the green 'Log In / Out' button next to the touch screen.

Unprinted jobs are deleted after 8 hours.

Default formatting

Depending on which print queue you select, the following default settings will be applied:

  • Black and white print queue (default)
    • black and white
    • double-sided
    • A4 size
  • Colour print queue
    • colour
    • single-sided
    • A4 size

Default settings can be changed from the 'Print' menu on your computer or device.


A4 standard

  Single-sided Double-sided
Black and white $0.11 $0.20
Colour $0.50 $0.80

A3 standard

  Single-sided Double-sided
Black and white $0.19 $0.36
Colour $0.80 $1.25