How to pay

Your print account is a prepaid account that is automatically created when you register your guest account.

You can use your print account to:

  • pay for printing, copying and scanning
  • check your printing balance
  • add credit
  • view your transaction and print histories.

View and manage your print account

Please note

Adding credit must be done on a personal device, not on the public access machines.

Conditions of use

  • Once credit is added to your print account, it's considered payment for the printing, copying and scanning service.
  • Users are only eligible for a refund of credit if there is a problem with the printing, copying or scanning service that cannot be rectified.
  • If our equipment is faulty and misprints your document, we'll provide a refund.
  • If your print or copy is of poor quality compared to the original, we'll provide a refund.
  • You should follow the relevant instructions when using our equipment.