Manage loans for the community

Registered Community borrowing members can use My Library (Community) to view current or previous loans and see any outstanding Library penalties and messages.

How to log into My Library (Community)

To log in:

  1. go to My Library (Community)
  2. select the Community borrowers login option
  3. enter your barcode in the Library barcode field - this is on your Library membership card e.g. R00012345 (make sure you use uppercase 'R', as the login is case sensitive).
  4. enter your password and click Login.

What is my password?

Your password is sent to you with your Library borrowing card. If you do not know your password you can contact the Library and ask for it to be reset.

How to change your password?

Once you have been given your password, you can change your password as follows:

  1. log in to My Library (Community)
  2. go to the Account Information tab and select Update my password
  3. enter your existing password
  4. enter and confirm your new password - passwords must be at least 8 characters in length, contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one numeric digit.

Manage your loans

Loans and renewals

The Loans and renewals tab is where you can:

  • view your current and previous loans
  • check when items are due
  • renew eligible loans - please note that you are not required to renew your loans, they will be automatically renewed 2 days before the due date (unless an item has been recalled). Check library borrowing limits for how many times an item can be renewed.


This tab will display any replacement cost fees applied to your account as well as a link to pay (via QUTPay). If you return overdue item(s) any penalties will be removed. Learn more about when Library replacement costs are applied at Borrowing conditions - Imposition of penalites.

Messages and sanctions

If there are any sanctions or additional messages from the Library they will display in this tab. Learn more about when Library sanctions are applied at Borrowing conditions - Imposition of penalites.