Open scholarship and open access

Open Scholarship maximises the sharing of knowledge. It is relevant across the entire research lifecycle and encompasses open access to research publications, open data, open educational resources, sharing of code, protocols, and other relevant research outputs.

The benefits to academics include ensuring maximum exposure and credit for their work. Universities benefit from wider dissemination of their research and by access to a wider range of resources. Open scholarship also has benefits across society, including for practitioners, industry, educators and students, and the general public.

QUT has a strong open access policy. In 2003, QUT endorsed the world's first institutional open access policy. In 2018, the policy was updated to reflect emerging global practices.

The core components of open scholarship at QUT are:

Other national and international open access initiatives that QUT supports are:

In addition the QUT Office for Scholarly Communication and Liaison Librarians provide strategic publishing advice for academics and students.