Surveys and promotions

QUT conducts a range of surveys and other forms of gathering client feedback. In addition to the Library Client Survey (InSync Survey, run every three years) we also conduct an annual Online Usability of Library Search Tools survey and regular User Experience (UX) activities.

Library Client Survey

We're always looking for innovative and effective ways to improve what we do. Our Library Client Survey is utilised to identify major improvement opportunities for QUT Library.

Conducted across university libraries in Australia and with an increasing overseas presence, the survey puts current library performance in context and can help QUT improve the effectiveness of our Library services, resources and spaces.

The Library Client Survey outcomes include:

  • understanding our clients' priorities
  • identify opportunities to increase service levels and user satisfaction
  • support applications for new initiatives.

Our Library Client Survey was last conducted in May 2019. The survey results are benchmarked against other Australian and New Zealand libraries to see how QUT Library is performing. QUT Library will communicate survey results and service improvements via the Library's website, social media channels and digital signage.

Survey, promotion and competition terms and conditions