2022 Strategic priorities

Visual presentation of QUT Library Strategic Priorities 2022. Transcript below. Link is to the same image in PDF.
QUT Library Strategic Priorities 2022 - click for a printable version (PDF, 949KB)

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Image transcript - QUT Library Strategic Priorities 2022

Student Experience

  • Trial 24x7 opening
  • Listen to students (surveys, UX)
  • Support diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Expand innovation and design
  • Improve online experience
  • Improve Learning Hub partnerships
  • Increase student feedback and engagement with IFN001 Advanced Information Research Skills (AIRS)

Advance Open Scholarship

  • Review QUT's open access policy
  • Increase practical support for open access (read and publish agreements)
  • Strengthen QUT open access journals
  • Strengthen research support infrastructure
  • Increase copyright literacy

Research Quality

  • Support QUT's Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) submission
  • Support QUT's research quality agenda
  • Contribute to the review of research assessment
  • Improve research data management at QUT

Community and Engagement

  • Promote the library's schools program
  • Expand QUT Digital Collections
  • Demonstrate value and impact
  • Create engaging experiences

Learning and Teaching Excellence

  • Support QUT You
  • Champion open education resources
  • Update the information literacy framework
  • Lead digital literacy
  • Support QUT's Learning Management System (LMS+) Project

Indigenous Perspectives

  • Enhance discoverability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources
  • Provide inclusive spaces and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff
  • Support diversity in the library profession through an Indigenous scholarship
  • Enhance visibility of Indigenous research in the library collection


  • Support U.N. sustainable development goals
  • Support QUT's sustainability priorities
  • Ensure sustainable collections

People and Culture

  • Undertake workforce planning
  • Value health and wellbeing
  • Share knowledge with the profession
  • Respond to QUT staff survey