2021 Strategic priorities

Each year the Library develops strategic priorities that contribute to and align with the QUT Blueprint and Enabling Plans. The Library progresses these priorities through the year to support our students, researchers and staff.

Visual presentation of QUT Library Strategic Priorities 2021. Transcript below. Link is to the same image in PDF.
QUT Library Strategic Priorities 2021 - click for a printable version (PDF, 50KB)

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Image transcript - QUT Library Strategic Priorities 2021

Advancing Scholarly Publishing and Open Scholarship

  • Lead Open Access initiatives at QUT
  • Increase the number of Open Education Resources created using Pressbooks
  • Develop and enhance online resources to support high quality publishing

Enabling a Modern Curriculum

  • Continue to lead digital dexterity practices and collaborations
  • Broaden the Library School Engagement Program
  • Promote awareness, education and training in copyright literacy
  • Review the Library's digital presence

Ensuring Sustainability

  • Apply sustainable and "green" principles to collection development
  • Use data to demonstrate the value and impact of library services

Providing Inclusive and Engaging Spaces

  • Ensure Library spaces support the needs of students with a disability, injury or health condition
  • Promote Library spaces as welcoming, safe and inclusive for LGBTIQA+ people
  • Ensure Library spaces are welcoming, inclusive and culturally safe for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff

Respecting Indigenous Knowledge

  • Expand and facilitate access to the collection of material that celebrates Indigenous knowledge and culture
  • Increase the visibility of Indigenous research at QUT