2020 Strategic priorities

Visual presentation of QUT Library's 2020 Strategic Priorities. See transcript below. Link is to a larger version.
QUT Library's 2020 Strategic Priorities - click image to enlarge

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Image transcript - Our 2020 Strategic Priorities: Empowering others to succeed

Aspiration and Inclusion

  • Progress digital literacy competencies for Library staff:
    • 23 Things Program
    • CAUL Digital Dexterity Framework
    • CAUL Digital Dexterity Champion.
  • Refresh and remodel Study Smart
  • progress 'Developing QUT Library Research Support Services' paper
  • Continue refurbishment of spaces: KG R Block Level 3, GP V block level 7, Law Library, Curriculum Collection.

Indigenous Australian Engagement, Success and Empowerment

  • Create professional librarianship position for Indigenous staff
  • Increase BlackCard training participation.

Creativity and Entrepreneurship

  • Implement creative problem solving forum for Library staff (similar to CoLab)
  • Build on the Library partnership with The Foundry.

Professional Engagement and Ethical Leadership

  • Ensure responsible use of resources
  • Grow open science and lead open scholarship
  • Leverage digital insights to enable service growth and improved customer experience.

Digital Transformation and Technology

  • Integrate Library Study Space Finder tool into the QUT App
  • Develop immersive technology pop-up experiences
  • Investigate single solution for QUT staff and student resource sharing
  • Expand RFID solutions
  • Investigate 'single button' video creation studio in the Library
  • Explore artificial intelligence opportunities.

Health and Wellbeing

  • Grow the Library's Ally Network
  • Make QUT Library an LGBTIQA+ safe space
  • Complete OHS training and add OHS agenda item to all regular team meetings
  • Participate in wellness activities
  • Plan for regular leave.

Sustainability and the Environment

  • Reduce staff printing
  • Reuse and recycle in de-selection
  • Choose material formats with reduced environmental impact
  • Work towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.