2019 Key Achievements

Visual presentation of Snapshot of QUT Library 2019 Key Achievements, see transcript below.

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Image transcript - Snapshot of QUT Library 2019 Key Achievements

QUT Real World Learning 2020 Vision

QUT graduates will thrive in volatile environments over the long term, contribute productively as individuals and in teams and combine depth in professional knowledge with broad perspectives based on exposure to new ideas and different cultures.

QUT's real world learning experience will reflect the physical and digital nature of the world in which we live and work. QUT research aims to provide solutions to real world problems.

QUT Library will contribute to and align with the QUT Blueprint, the QUT Real world Learning 2020 Vision and the QUT Research and Innovation Strategy as detailed below:

Real World Graduates, Learning and Teaching

  • We will deliver personalised and flexible services to enhance the student experience by reducing customer effort to achieve desired outcomes.
  • We will partner with clients to contribute to continual service improvement.
  • We will enhance information resource provision, discovery and return on investment based on customer experience and feedback and sustainable budget management.
  • We will ensure Library services are innovative, streamlined and well promoted.
  • We will support online education through the procurement and creation of high-quality content that utilises both traditional and contemporary publishing models.
  • We will provide flexible space that enables learning, creating and sharing.
  • We will ensure the delivery of high impact digital and information literacy programs to contribute to quality graduate outcomes.

Real World Research

  • We will support high quality research by continuing to increase the accessibility, reach and impact of QUT's research.
  • We will facilitate a university wide strategic approach to open scholarship.
  • We will partner as key stakeholders to support QUT's strategic research priorities.
  • We will lead and deliver services to support best practice in scholarly communication through traditional and alternative publishing models.
  • We will replace the technology that underpins QUT Media Warehouse in order to broaden use of videos in teaching, learning and research.

Real World People, Culture and Sustainability

  • We will empower Library staff with timely and relevant access to information, development opportunities and seamless access to senior Library staff.
  • We will build, renew and strengthen partnerships across the Faculties, Divisions and Institutes.
  • We will lead creative thinking, continuous improvement and support 'cross-boundary' collaboration within and beyond QUT.
  • We will contribute to the QUT Reconciliation Plan by our continued commitment to equity and diversity and the provision of services that are accessible by all staff and students.