Library Borrowing Conditions

By borrowing library resources, a borrower is taken to have accepted and agreed to comply with these conditions, as per University policy MOPP F/1.8 Library resources and borrowing conditions.


A current library card (QUT ID or community/alumni borrower membership card) is required in order to borrow.

  • Your library card can only be used by you, the registered borrower.
  • You are responsible for all transactions involving the use of your library card.
  • You will receive library notifications via email - you can also check online at My Library.

Loan periods and request limits

  QUT students and staff; QUT Visitors Gold Card members Registered Alumni borrowers; Registered Community borrowers
Maximum QUT items Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Standard items 60 days
1 automatic renewal
60 days
1 automatic renewal
60 days
1 automatic renewal
Course reserve items 2 hours 2 hours Not available
Games equipment 2 hours
Up to 1 automatic renewal
2 hours
Up to 1 automatic renewal
Not available
Audiovisual equipment 1 day 1 day Not available
Document delivery (Interlibrary loans) Loan period is determined by supplying institution and loans are non renewable Not available Not available
Holds Unlimited Unlimited Not available (except for requesting items from the Library Store)
Scan requests Unlimited (within copyright limits) Not available Not available

Recalled items

Should another borrower place a hold on an item you have borrowed, the current loan period will reduce and the item will be recalled. An email advising the new due date will be sent to you.

  • You are guaranteed a minimum 7 day loan.
  • Loans to External students are guaranteed for 21 days.
  • Loans of Curriculum items to Education students on Practicum retain the full loan length.

Renewing your loans

Most items are renewed automatically two days before the due date until its maximum renewal limit is reached, however some items (e.g. course reserve items and Document delivery items) cannot be renewed.

Items will be automatically renewed as long as the item:

  • hasn't been recalled by another borrower
  • hasn't reached its maximum renewal limit.

Returning items

You can return items using the return shelves or return chutes at any branch library, regardless of where the item was borrowed. You can also return items by post.

  • You must return all items, in good condition, by the due date.
  • Do not leave items on loan to you inside the library.

Overdue notices

Notices are sent to your email address as follows:

  • Standard items
    • Courtesy notice is sent 1 day before the item is due.
    • First overdue notice is sent at 1 day overdue.
    • Final overdue notice is sent at 7 days overdue.
    • Replacement cost notice (Lost Loan Letter) is sent at 14 days overdue (Reciprocal and School student member parent institutions are also notified at this time).
  • Course reserve and equipment
    • First overdue notice is sent at 1 day overdue.
    • Final overdue notice is sent at 2 days overdue.
    • Replacement cost notice (Lost Loan Letter) is sent at 3 days overdue.

Imposition of penalties

Penalties are imposed as follows.

  • A replacement cost (outlined in the table below) is imposed if you:
    • fail to return an item
    • return an item damaged.
  • Your library borrowing and requesting privileges (including pick-up/delivery of requested items) are suspended automatically if you:
    • have outstanding replacement costs
    • fail to return recalled items that are more than one day overdue
    • fail to return course reserve items or equipment that is more than one day overdue
    • fail to return standard non-recalled items that are more than seven days overdue
    • fail to return items borrowed from other other institutions.
  • For QUT students, an academic sanction will be applied if you:
    • fail to return items that are more than 28 days overdue
    • fail to return items borrowed from other university libraries as part of the ULANZ borrowing scheme.
  • Continued non-payment or non-return of materials may result in a QUT invoice being raised for the replacement cost and may lead to possible debt recovery action.

The replacement cost is waived if you return the item, except if the item was loaned from another institution. QUT Library accepts online payments only via QUTPay. To pay your penalty simply log in to My Library and click on the QUTPay link in the "Penalties" tab. Once a replacement cost is paid, the payment is non-refundable.

Your borrowing and requesting privileges are reinstated when you have no:

  • overdue items
  • outstanding replacement costs.

Please notify library staff as soon as possible if you have lost or damaged a library resource. If there are genuine extenuating circumstances, let library staff know and they will try to help.

Item type Replacement cost per item (non-refundable)
Standard items $95
Curriculum items $47
Audiovisual items / gaming equipment Full replacement cost
Document delivery items Replacement cost set by lending institution

Appeals against penalties

You may appeal against the imposition of a penalty if you can provide a reasonable explanation of exceptional circumstances to the Compliance Officer.

If you are not satisfied with the ruling of the Compliance Officer, then an appeal in writing against the imposition of a penalty can be provided to the Library Review Officer. The decision of the Library Review Officer will be final.

All appeals should be submitted and finalised within the calendar year.